If you’ve worked hard to be successful, attended “motivational’ events, listened to countless success audio programs and training, read self-help books, tried hypnosis, affirmations, and spent days at seminars, the question is…

Why haven’t you achieved a real breakthrough you want?

Here’s what I realized when I found myself asking the same question…

Conventional personal growth methods don’t work because they don’t clear energetic imprints of your emotional and mental blocks.

Hi, I’m Dagmar Fleming. I’m a success coach and Founder of Unlock Your Success mentorship programs for entrepreneurs like you who are ready for massive shifts – up to the next level of your income and success.

By visiting my page, you’ve shown me two things:

  1. You know you DESERVE MORE.
  2. You’re ready to GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS and create the life you want for you and your family.

I know you’re not afraid to put in the effort and you’ve worked hard to get to where you are now, so you’re probably wondering:

Why am I struggling?

Why have these efforts and hard work haven’t paid off?

Why am I feeling stuck?

If you don’t get the results you want, you need to change what you believe about yourself and what’s possible for you.

The truth is it’s hard to change some things in our lives on our own. If you wonder why, let me explain.

Imagine you have a luscious plant that one day starts to die. You try watering it… pruning it… putting it in the sun… but nothing is helping it.

The plant is dying because it was placed in a toxic soil so it couldn’t thrive.

Think of it this way – if you wanted to lose weight, what is the first thing you would do? Most likely, you’d start eating less. In other words, you’d try to change your conscious behavior. It’s like pruning the leaves on your houseplant hoping it will stop dying.

But trying to change your actions rarely works, does it? You inevitably revert to your old habits.

So what’s the next best thing you could do to lose weight? You’d probably come up with affirmations about healthier food options, like “I love broccoli.” It’s like fertilizing the plant’s roots which represent your subconscious mind.

Sounds good on paper but let’s be honest here.

Has changing your mindset about broccoli ever erased your weight?? I bet your answer is no.

It’s the same with the plant; even after pruning and adding fertilizers, it keeps dying.


The problem is that the soil that the plant is in is acidic and full of toxins so the roots cannot pull the nutrients the plant needs to thrive.

The soil represents the imprints of your emotional and mental blocks which are buried deeply in your subconscious mind.

The soil represents the imprints of your emotional and mental blocks which are buried deeply in your subconscious mind.

The imprints are stuck toxic energies of past traumas, painful memories, and hurts you’ve experienced in your life.

So it doesn’t matter how much fertilizer you’ll put in that soil.

 The plant, just like you, cannot thrive until you remove the toxic soil and heal charged up emotions of your past negative experiences.

In essence…

The quality of your soil dictates
the quality of your life.

Unfortunately, the plant rarely dictates where it’s planted. Some plants enjoy a fertile soil while others end up in a soil that is barren.

Do you know what’s in your soil?

I’ve realized at a young age that I have truly unique gifts that allow me to look into people’s soil and help them identify the blocks that hold them back from fulfilling their potential.

Because of my highly intuitive and empathic skills, I see these blocks energetically and I can address and release them on a very deep level.

I developed a proprietary process that helps you clear the clogs in your soil, then fertilize your mind with new powerful beliefs, so you can take a bigger action and produce the results that will allow you to accelerate your growth, make the money you want and deserve, and positively impact those who you love and serve.

I called this process…

The Triple Quantum Reset™

This system helped me and many entrepreneurs like you overcome unconscious self-sabotage on three levels simultaneously:

  1. EMOTIONAL (deeply imprinted blocks from negative experiences in the past)
  2. SUBCONSCIOUS (limiting beliefs around worthiness, money, success)
  3. CONSCIOUS (destructive habits and behaviors)
What sets Triple Quantum Reset™ apart?

Many healing modalities and self-growth methods focus on healing the blocks on your conscious or subconscious levels, and while that’s helpful, it’s at best a partial solution that keeps you stuck – trapped in the loop, endlessly repeating thinking and behavioral patterns that keep you frustrated, fearful and failing to go after bigger goals or real purpose in this life.

Triple Quantum Reset ™ is a holistic system that helps you achieve the results you want by rebooting and upgrading YOUR COMPLETE SYSTEM:

  • Your INTERNAL WORLD (relationship to self)
  • Your EXTERNAL WORLD (relationship to others)
  • Your HOLOGRAPHIC IMPRINT (energetic matrix of past experiences)
Are you ready to play a bigger game in business and in life?

Here’s my first offer to you:

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Want to get a taste of fast transformation using the Triple Quantum Reset™ process?

Schedule your zero-cost Rapid Breakthrough Session with me here.

During the session we will:

=> Create a crystal clear vision for “ultimate success” so you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.

=> Uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging your ability to create a rapid growth in business and life.

=> Design key steps to overcome your blocks and step into your potential.

You’ll leave this session re-energized and inspired to finally achieve the success, income and lifestyle you seek.

Take your transformation to the next level!

Take your transformation to the next level!

Mentorship Programs

UNLOCK YOUR SUCCESS is a comprehensive and customized five-month one-on-one coaching program proven to upgrade your mindset and actions so you can get the business breakthrough you need, create the lifestyle and income you truly want, and raise your success rate in all areas of your life.
UPLEVEL YOUR SUCCESS is an intense six-month hybrid spiritual / entrepreneurial program that will help you expand your understanding of your life purpose and accelerate its realization through the application of spiritual entrepreneurship – the meshing of your mind, body and spirit with your business so you can proactively create, manifest and monetize your desires.
UNLEASH YOUR SUCCESS is an advanced six-month program that will help you take the next step in the evolution of your Soul so you can make the impact on those you serve, build your legacy doing what you love, and fulfill your Soul’s mission.
ACTIVATE YOUR SUCCESS is a six-month group program to help you release emotional and mental blocks to success, transform self-doubt into confidence, and turn your passions into profits.
This intensive group six-month program is the place for small business owners, network marketing professionals, commissioned sales professionals, and holistic practitioners who are committed to fulfilling their potential, stepping into their life purpose, and expanding their impact in the world with their unique gifts while being fully financially rewarded for their service.
Check out these success stories

Check out these success stories

My greatest joy is watching my clients succeed. Scroll down to read about their success.


Unlock Your Success is creating new directions for me. I focus more, think bigger and act bigger. I feel empowered to go after my dream to open a hotel and have already taken steps to launch the new data consulting and organic businesses.

– Jitender Sharma, Founder of Natural Mega Store


For all the skeptics out there, I say to you, do not underestimate the power of healing and self-awareness. I cleared all the baggage that I carried with me all these years and removed many negative beliefs that I uncovered during my sessions.

– Gayana Badalyan, Realtor at Keller Williams


SUPER BADASS Coach and Speaker!!! Every entrepreneur or budding entrepreneur needs a Life Coach, so why not one that can get to the core of your spiritual, mental and emotional blockages to help you remove them? Dagmar is the truth….100% dedicated to finding solutions for deep seeded issues. In just my 1st session, I had several “Ah-hah moments” and hit a breakthrough.

– Chantelle Prehay


Unlock Your Success has been more real and effective than anything I’ve tried so far, and I’ve tried a lot. I feel more myself, my business is taking off, I’m more relaxed, and even my guitar playing has quantumly improved as a result of working with Dagmar. She’s more Jedi Master than “Life Coach.”

– Ignacio Lopez, Founder of Happy Buddha.Guru

I can’t wait to help you create the life and business you’ve imagined for you and those you care about.

To your success,

Dagmar Fleming

Founder, Unlock Your Success